She started piano education at the DEU State Conservatory. She completed her undergraduate education with Prof. Hülya Tarcan at MSGSÜ State Conservatory. Her master’s degree was at Istanbul Technical University/Centre For Advanced Studies In Music on piano performance department with state artist Ayşegül Sarıca.

After writing her project “The Concept of Time in Music: An Analysis on Morton Feldman and Triadic Memories” in 2017, she graduated from ITU.
In 2015, her first piece, Migration, was performed by Sacha Rattle, Amy Salsgiver, Jari Juhani Piper at Cappadocia KK International Music Festival. In the same year, her electronic music composition Getting Lost In The Spring Rain was featured at ‘Back Room’ as part of the electronic music program.

In 2018, her piece Ants was performed by Amy Salsgiver at Miam Percussion Class Concert. In the same year, in Bomontiada Alt, within the scope of ‘A Corner in the World’ themed event, her piece “Breathless” was performed by Filiz Karapınar.

In 2019, her work Scutoid was chosen to be performed at Bilgi New Music Festival and was performed by Ensemble Artafects. 

In addition to working actively with many pianists, she attended seminars and courses of many composers. She worked with pianists within master courses were Martin Berkofsky, Vladimir Krypan, March Gianluca Perucci, Peter Florian, Hüseyin Sermet. Also, in Salzburg, she had a chance to work with Prof. George Kern and Rolf Plagge.

In 2015, she studied on composition with Tolga Yayalar, Kurt Rohde, Rouben Deluter and Onur Türkmen at KK International Music Festival. In 2016, she attended composition seminars and lectures of Jean-François Charles, Davide Ianni, and Pierluigi Billone at the Composit international festival as a passive participant in Italy. Moreover, she worked composition with Uğurcan Öztekin between 2019 – 2021.

She worked as a piano instructor at ITU and in the piano department of Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts for a while. She is currently the pianist of Duo Ares and Trio La Nina.