Migration (2015)

It is dedicated to people escaping the war that started in Syria and photographed on the Turkey-Syria border. 

It was performed by Jari Juhani Piper (Cello), Amy Salsgiver (Bendir) and Sacha Rattle (Clarinet) at the KK International Music Festival in 2015.

Ants1 / Ants2 (2018)

Reflection of the musical world of ants. 

For two marimba.

It was performed by Amy Salsgiver and Ayberk Garagen in 2018 at Itu/Miam.

Breathless (2018)

As a performative approach, it reflects the relationship of the flutist performing the piece with the breath and the moments when we feel breathless in life generally.

It was performed by Filiz Karapınar at Bomontiada Alt, in 2018.

Scutoid (2019)

It is the name of a geometric shape obtained from the three-dimensional reflection of a new structure in epithelial cells. This distorted geometric structure, when intertwined with each other, creates a meaningful form that can complement each other. This music describes that the unity of intertwined discordant structures and the disintegration of this single structure its return to the whole again.

The music was performed by ARTefacts Ensemble in 2019 at ‘Bilgi New Music Festival’.

This piece writtenViolin,Viola,Clarinet Bb,Bass Clarinet,,Tenor Sax,Percussion.

The Way (2021)

Dedicated to Oruç Aruoba and it was composed to get inspired from his book “Yürüme/Walking”. The Way is an evolving story on the concepts of singularity and unity. The parts are added from one to the other, forming the whole and returning to one again.

The belief that each our parts should make a difference and that everything in the universe re-exists with this cycle, I constructed the concepts of unity and uniqueness with a minimalist approach.

The music was written for piano, two violin, viola and cello.

Hope (2022)

Hope is a minimal, neo-classical piece and soft music that keeps our hope alive.

The music is written for piano, two violins, viola and cello.

İz (2022)

It is a long version of the final scene music I written for the theater “The Girl in School Uniform (Walks Into a Bar)”.

The music was written for piano, cello and violin.